CEM Thermal Imager

CEM Thermal Imager กล้องตรวจจับความร้อน


Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imagers

The Thermal Imager is designed for Non-contact detection and calculation of apparent surface tempertaure, fully radiometric imagers are ideal for troubleshooting electrical systems, electro-mechanical equipment, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment and others.

  • 640*480 3.5″ TFT Touch Screen
  • HDMI High Resolution Video Output
  • Built-in Laser Distance Meter
  • Wi Fi Connectivity
  • Transfers images and data to mobile devices to share reports and critical information quickly

Specification Thermal Imagers


Professional Thermal Imagers DT-9898/9897/9896

New generation High Performance Thermal Imagers with powerful Auto Fusion mode (AUF). AUF is a dynamic image enhancement-algorithm for infrared cameras. Easy to help you to find the potential problem with innovation features and powerful Apps.

  • 640*480 High performance Thermal Imager with high resolution TFT color LCD display
  • Built-in Laser distance function
  • Capture additional measurements fast and conveniently with wireless modules
  • Find prooblems faster and easier with accurately identify potential issues by combining digital and IR images

Specification Thermal Imagers DT-9896