Handheld Thermal Scan Camera

Microscope & Inspection

Thermal Scan Camera | กล้องถ่ายภาพความร้อน

D Series:Intelligent Thermographic IR Camera

Intelligent operation Affordable price
Application field: ThermographyPower systemBuilding inspection
As Guide Infrared’s newly launched thermographic IR camera, D series continues Guide’s tradition of offering both high-quality and innovative features. D series’ highlights lies in its rugged and ergonomic design. More than that, its brief operation interface and intelligent button navigation would make the first time user feel as an expert. D series are equipped with optional lens set for different FOV requirements in different occasions. With built-in illuminator, you can easily take visible photos and compare them with IR photos, which help you find problems more easily.
Ergonomic design · Ergonomic design,comfortable grip for a long time · Exquisite appearance and strong structure,2m drop test certificate · Lightweight about 800g 4”high light touch screen, easy to operate · With 800×480 resolution 4” high light touch screen · Adjustable brightness, still clear under sunshine · Easy operation with step by step professional instruction Android operation system & Wi-Fi communication · Images and videos can be transferred to Wi-Fi equipped mobile terminals for further analysis · The onboard analysis report can also be printed instantly on a Wi-Fi printer · Connected with mobile terminal to take IR photo, to achieve multi screen control Aadapt to different occasions · Three types–192×144 and 384×288 IR FPA detector,automatic and electric focusing · Four image presentations–IR, visible, PIP and MIF · Buckle type lens–tele lens, wide lens, high temperature filer lens can be changed directly in different occasions · Large capacity battery–four hours of operating time with two batteries

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3. Free Consult บริการตอบคำถามลูกค้า

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4. AFTER SALE SERVICE บริการดูแลหลังการขาย

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5. Calibration Service

5. Calibration Service บริการสอบเทียบ

เรามีบริการสอบเทียบเครื่องมือวัด ด้วย LAB มาตรฐาน ISO-17025

6. Seminar and Training

6. Seminar and Training การจัดสัมมนาและฝึกอบรม

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