Temperature and Humidity Meter

Temperature & Humidity Meter


IR-807 Digital Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Meter LCD Clock


This mini digital multi-function meter offers 4 functions: thermometer, hygrometer, calendar and a clock with alarm function. Measured temperature can be displayed in either°C or °F while measured humidity result is displayed in %RH. The extra large screen LCD displays large-character; easy to view time, date, temperature and relative humidity even on slightly tilted angle. It is has high stability, high accuracy & low power consumption.

With the stand and mounting hole at the back, you can either place on top of your desk or cabinet or hang it hang it on your wall. Ideal for household, office, school, and hospital use.

  • 12 or 24 hour display system
  • ºC / º F   Unit Selectable
  • Clock Alarm function
  • Clock & Calendar function (year, month & date), 1999/1/1 to 2048/12/31
  • Displays TemperatureHumidity and Time simultaneously
  • Large LCD display allows for easy reading
  • Convenient wall mount and desktop design
  • Low power consumption
  • High stability & accuracy
  • High quality
  • Brand new
  • Temperature
    • Range: -40 ~ 70°C (-40 ~ 158°F)
    • Accuracy: ±1°C (1.8°F)
    • Resolution: 0.1°C/°F
  • Humidity
    • Range: 20~90% RH
    • Accuracy: ±5% RH
    • Resolution: 1% RH
  • Calendar: 1999/1/1-2048/12/31
Set Includes
  • 1 x Mini Digital Thermo Hygrometer
  • 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (FREE)
  • Instruction Manual (English)
  • Standard Blister Packaging

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