Vision Machine Systems
Model : Venture XT- CNC

The Venture XT- CNC has Fusion 3D software, a 300mm x 300mm x 200mm XYZ stage and includes a controller and 2 x 22 inch monitors.

Venture CNC models take the power of fusion software one stage further by completely automating the inspection process. Now advanced features like scanning and best fitting can be done quickly without taking up the time of skilled operators.

CNC programming is a simple teach and repeat process. Just measure the part once and a full CNC program is created automatically. The zoom lens can also be controlled so that magnification and auto focus changes are all recorded into the program.

  • CNC – X – 250mm, Y – 112mm, Z – 150mm and Auto Focus with 0.5 Micron resolution scales.
  • Manually operated 6.5:1 Micro Zoom Lens mounted on adjustable slide with 80mm positional adjustment for extra Z axis capacity.
  • Windows based industrial PC controller with 3 axis Fusion (MK4) software.
  • TP20 touch probe compatibility.
  • 3 Axis CNC and manual Precision Joystick with touch screen display.
  • System includes high Resolution USB2 Colour Camera, fully programmable 64 LED surface light, Co-axial (TTL) light and collimated under stage lighting.

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