Magnetic Testing

Magnetic Testing


Magnetic Flaw Detector (Magnetic Yoke) NOVOTEST MPD-DC


Magnetic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC can be used in cases if user can not use electromagnets, when supply of power is difficult or restricted by rules of safety (during works at height; working in the field conditions; testing of internal surface of tanks, boilers; etc.) at operating temperature from 30 °C  below zero to 50 °C  above zero and relative humidity up to 95% at 35 °C .


Gaussmeter (Magnetometer) NOVOTEST MF-1

  • ferromagnetic objects magnetic field analysis including magnetic particle inspection;
  • industrial noise levels measure;
  • to define technical characteristics of equipment for MPI according to requirements of regulatory and technical documentation;
  • residual magnetization level measurement after MPI;
  • measure magnetic induction of the various components, devices, products, etc.

Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2 (Coercive Force Meter)

  • The probe with optional display and buttons control of the main functions
  • Averaging 99 results, with the possibility to use the predictive average
  • Memory: up to 100,000 measurements with the ability to view them on the screen of the device, or transfer to PC
  • Real-time clock – each measurement is saved with the date and time
  • Ability to enter additional scales and additional materials for calibration
  • Calibration mode of basic and additional scales
  • Adjust the brightness of the display, audio, language selection
  • Ability to save backups calibrations on the internal memory of the device
  • Smart sensors with built-in memory of calibrations

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